Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Of course, you will be the final judge of that question. But, considering all the benefits, we believe we provide a very good value for the experience we provide for you and your guests.

Raven is a private commercial charter boat. Because we accommodate hundreds of guests per year, we try to maintain an allergen and dander free environment for all of our guests. Although we do not strictly prohibit pets on board, we strongly suggest other accommodations for the duration of the charter for your family pet. Documented service animals are welcome. In any case, we ask that all guests inform us prior to bringing their pet so that we can assess and approve on a case-by-case basis.

There are no age restrictions to enjoy a cruise on San Diego Bay aboard Raven. Raven is a very family-friendly boat and a great activity to share with your family. Please let us know how many children you are inviting so that we can make sure we have enough life jackets in youth sizes.

All fees and taxes are outlined in our online booking system. These additional charges are typically Port taxes and marina fees.

Yes. Raven is entirely a BYO vessel. You’re welcome to bring any food and beverages, including alcohol, you’d like to enjoy while cruising San Diego Bay. Handheld foods and snacks are ideal as there is not a formal dining table on board. NO RED WINE.

Yes. We do have partnerships with limo companies and can put together a package deal so you can celebrate throughout the day or night and not have to worry about drinking and driving!

Possibly. There are some marinas and docks that require a reservation and charge a docking fee.  We will also need to consider travel time to and from our marina. We’re happy to discuss your options before you book if you’d like.

Raven is a US Coast Guard inspected and certified commercial boat. Our passenger count is determined by a stability test of formulas and calculations. The results of the stability test provide us with the number of guests that can safely be on board Raven. This is similar to restaurants and event venues that have rated capacities designated by "Fire Code." All of these regulations apply to all of our guests of any age.... including babies.

Boat and yacht charters are part of the hospitality industry where gratuities (tips) are standard and appreciated. Boats and yachts would be considered an "event venue" sort of like a restaurant when you bring a large group of guests. As such, your invoice may reflect a "Service Fee." If so, this is your gratuity that will be passed along to your captain.  You are also welcome to provide the captain with a gratuity if you wish. Our general service fee is the standard hospitality rate of 18%.

If you own your own or rent a boat in San Diego you should have a California Boater's Card at the very least. You don't necessarily need a driver's license. But, a boater's card is kinda like having a driver's license for a boat. However, if you want to charter a boat to carry that pay you, then you need a captain's license. Fortunately, if you charter Raven, we'll have a US Coast Guard certified captain available for you!

No. Raven does not have a bathroom. We encourage our guests to use the restroom at the marina before departing. We also try to limit our bay tours to a standard two hours. Bayside bar hopping and dock and dine trips are easy because restrooms are available at each stop.

All our charters are operated by a US Coast Guard licensed captain for your safety and convenience. Just come aboard and enjoy. Leave the driving to us!

Yes. Raven has a great sound system that is Bluetooth enabled and you’re welcome to connect and enjoy your playlist while on board.

Raven charters out at a rate of $250/hour, plus taxes and fees. If you click on the “Book Now” button, you can check availability for your date and time, then click through your options to see the cost in real time.

Party boat rentals in San Diego can vary depending on size and how many guests you wish to accommodate. Fortunately, Raven is one of the most cost-effective party boats in San Diego and can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Organizing an event on a charter boat is easy. Especially on Raven. If you have an event coming up that you want to celebrate with a few close friends, family, or colleagues, it's as easy as clicking the Book Now button at the top of the page, answering a few questions, and then show up and be ready for a great time out on San Diego Bay.

Raven is a very family-friendly charter boat. It is US Coast Guard certified and inspected annually for safety features. There may be considerations for guests who may be less agile. There are a couple of deep steps to get into the boat. If our guests can be assisted aboard, there is comfortable seating throughout the boat. However, there are NO bathroom facilities aboard Raven.

We do encourage our guests to use the facilities prior to boarding. Our dock and dine or bay side bar hop charters are able to use the facilities at the restaurants along the voyage. Bay Tour charters are generally on the boat for a shorter period of time and may not have facilities available until the end of the trip.

We recommend that you dress appropriately for the weather and understand that Raven is a small boat and not a yacht. ANYTHING with GLITTER or SEQUINS will not be permitted on board. Although not prohibited, we strongly discourage high-heeled shoes.

Yes. There is paid parking at our marina. Although, we encourage our guests to use taxis, private limos, or Uber/Lyft if you're able.

You can book Raven with us directly on the phone and we will receive your payment information at the time of booking, or you can book online using one of our Book Now buttons and pay through the checkout system.

Raven is a small boat and has basic, but comfortable features. Raven is equipped with a cooler that you are welcome to use, cushioned seating, and a great lighting and sound system.

There are different charter boats that have different purposes. Some are fishing charter boats. Some are multi-day cruising charters, and some are short-trip private party charters. Raven is a short-trip party charter boat that is ideal for small groups to celebrate birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate team building, graduations, or any other of life's milestones.

We will only cancel a charter for two reasons. One reason would be for mechanical failure. The other would be weather that is severe enough to make a charter unsafe. San Diego weather and weather reporting are notably inconsistent. We maintain open communication with our guests knowing that there may be a lot of planning that goes into putting together some occasions. We are very flexible with doing our best to accommodate our guests as long as we can do so safely. Our guest's comfort is also very important to us. With open communication with your captain, we can make final determinations sometimes up to the moment.

The difference between charter and rental boats is who's driving, and who's getting paid. If you "rent" a boat, then you are handed the keys to that boat and you are responsible for your guests and the safe operation of the boat, kinda like renting a car. If you "charter" a boat, you are provided with a captain (and maybe crew) and you're responsible for enjoying quality time with your guests and making memories. The great thing about Raven is that we are a charter boat. So, come aboard and leave the driving to us.

Raven is thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to, and after, every charter. You are welcome to request that the captain escort you aboard prior to your charter to make sure the vessel meets your satisfaction.

We ask that all of your guests meet at the marina and be ready to board no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. We use this time to provide a short safety briefing and also allow you or your guests ample time to use the restroom facilities prior to your voyage.

Raven is located at Sunroad Resort Marina on Harbor Island.  Harbor Island is directly across the street from the San Diego airport.  The address is 955 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

If you’re asking this question, then there’s a pretty good chance you might have to think a bit more about coming aboard. The nice thing about San Diego Bay is that it’s almost entirely land locked. So, we’re not subject to ocean swells.  However, Raven is a small boat and passing boats will make Raven rock and roll a little bit. If you might be sensitive, I would suggest using a motion sickness remedy prior to your voyage.

Possibly. Raven is a very fun, but small boat that sits pretty low in the water. On calm days with no wind, it’s a very smooth run and very dry. On extra windy days, it is possible to have some water blown into the boat if we are traveling against the wind. We will do our best to keep this from happening and do offer plastic ponchos if you don’t want to get spritzed.