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Captain John is the owner and primary Captain for Raven. Raven is one of three charter boats that Captain John owns and operates and one of approximately 25 boats and yachts he represents under the San Diego Bay Cruises yacht charter network. Capt. John is a US Coast Guard licensed captain with a 100 Ton Master credential. He’s been making memories for thousands of charter guests on San Diego Bay celebrating all of life’s milestones like birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, and more. With his many years of experience in hospitality, law enforcement, and as a merchant mariner, you can be assured Captain John is going to show you and your guests a fantastic time aboard Ravenmaking some amazing memories of your own!

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About Raven

You might be surprised to learn that Raven isn’t your ordinary little pleasure craft. Raven is a veteran!  She is a 26’ 1990 Halter MK11 “Whale Boat” built in New Orleans, Louisiana, and delivered to the US NAVY as a ship-to-shore transport boat for our Navy service men and women. They commonly called these vessels their “Liberty Boat” because they were mostly used to bring them ashore to spend their time off.

This liberty boat has since retired from military service and was purchased by Captain John. Captain John had a vision to extend this boat’s service life for many years to come, making wonderful memories as a pleasure and party boat. Capt. John went to work and hired some of San Diego’s best maritime craftsmen to transform this MK11 into “RAVEN,” the limousine-style fun boat to take friends, families, and fun-seekers of all kinds around San Diego Bay on fun excursions.

As part of the customization and conversion process, Captain John has cushioned the seats, had a full canopy built, painted the hull black, installed party lights and an incredible sound system, and POOF…limo party boat on San Diego Bay!

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