Bay Tour

Bay Tour

San Diego is a world-class destination bayside city with one of the most picturesque city skylines and a beautiful bridge to Coronado Island. San Diego Bay has a lot of great photo opportunities to be captured on a two or three-hour excursion.

Whether you want to enjoy a great family activity, a romantic picnic cruise with a loved one, or entertain colleagues for a company outing, Raven provides a nice slow-paced tour around San Diego Bay and all of the points of interest.

One of the best things about San Diego Bay is that it is almost entirely landlocked. This means that we’re not subject to ocean swells.

However, San Diego can be busy at times with other commercial boats and ships, and other people enjoying all that San Diego has to offer. This simply means that because Raven is a relatively small boat at 26’, we may ride the ripple of passing boats from time to time!  This is generally not enough to concern anyone susceptible to motion sickness. Captain John and his colleague captains do their best to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride!

What You'll See

Bay Tour

What you’ll see on a San Diego Bay tour aboard Raven, our charter boat, will vary slightly depending on the amount of time you charter and your personal preferences. Captain John is very flexible on what route you can take and is happy to offer suggestions for the best experience possible. No matter what route you take, you’ll be able to take in the beautiful San Diego city skyline.

However, depending on which direction you go, you may be able to get to Point Loma and get up close and personal with a colony of California Sea Lions and a variety of aquatic birds, the Navy submarine base, Coronado’s North Island Naval Air Station and the very active helicopter squadrons, the Coronado Bay Bridge, Glorietta Bay with the Coronado Yacht Club and Hotel Del Coronado, the US Navy’s Pacific war fleet in the South Bay, Petco Park, San Diego Convention Center, the famous Kiss Statue, USS Midway aircraft carrier military museum, cruise ship terminal, and the historic ships of the San Diego Maritime Museum such as the Star of India, San Salvador, and more!